Chinese zodiac

The Dog – Responsible and Wise

The Dog comes right after the proud Rooster.

Dogs are born in:

14/02/1934 – 4/02/1935

2/02/1946 – 22/01/1947

16/02/1958 – 8/02/1959

6/02/1970 – 26/01/1971

25/01/1982 – 12/02/1983

10/02/1994 – 30/01/1995

29/01/2006 – 17/02/2007

16/02/2018 – 4/02/2019


Brave – Dogs are brave and never selfish. They can fight relentlessly for what they believe is just and right. The public opinion won’t matter for them in such cases. They have their insecurities and they hate being on the front line but they can act as courageous crusaders for other’s causes.

Loyal – Dogs are known for being people’s best friends. They are selfless when they defend their friends and they can give you the best advice. They are deep thinkers and their assessment of the situation is usually right.

Honest – Dogs are honest and straightforward, don’t expect them to sugarcoat the truth or the hard facts of life. In their early years they watch closely people and the way they act and interact and they often come to the conclusion that life is more like a jungle.

Intelligent – Dogs are careful and always on the watch, they are here to protect and serve others. They are intelligent and with a lot of talents but they are deeply insecure and they usually commit their lives of serving the causes of other people.


Cautious – Dogs are cautious, tense and alert. They are careful with new contacts and when spending money. And they are usually right. They hate the unknown, the front line and things they haven’t tried. Although they may seem cold and reserved, they are sensitive, kind and loving.

Critical – Dogs are extremely critical – both to themselves and others. They are insecure and this makes them twice as hard. They need to do an excellent job and they care for the presentation. They enjoy careful planning and they usually reach their goals.

Pessimistic – Dogs tend to be pessimistic and indecisive for example when they are buying something new. They may wonder for hours and days and then just go for the safe route of giving the idea up. They need a lot of encouragement and they can make good use of the enthusiasm of others.

Cynical – Dogs are prone to overanalyzing things and this can make them cynical. This can show in surprising sharp remarks that can take others aback. They should learn to control this tendency from an early age in order to live happy and fulfilled lives.

Love life

The Dog is a careful watchman of herself and of others. It makes a loyal partner. The Dog can form successful partnership with the independent Horse, the charming Tiger and composed Cat/Rabbit.


Dogs are not business people. They are not materialistic and they are prone to spend money on charity. They can be in successful business partnerships with Horses or Cats/Rabbits.

Future prospect

Dogs are always there when we need them and they are among the best friends we could wish for. They are not very tactful but never mean to hurt or do harm. Dear Dogs, you seem to be much more insecure than it looks like. When you are in need of us or of a shoulder to cry on – just give a shout! Don’t take yourselves or others so seriously. Don’t give up on your dreams!

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