Chinese zodiac

The Goat – Artistic and Capricious

The Goat comes after the competitive Horse.

Goats are born in:

17/02/1931 – 6/02/1932

5/02/1943 – 25/01/1944

24/01/1955 – 12/02/1956

9/02/1967 – 29/01/1968

28/01/1979 – 15/02/1980

15/02/1991 – 3/02/1992

1/02/2003 – 21/01/2004

10/02/2015 – 7/02/2016


Elegant – Goats are elegant and enjoy art in all its forms and fashions. They know how to throw a good party and they do it with style. They can create magical atmosphere and they are the best hosts ever. Goats love communicating with many different people and they can find a common language with almost anybody.

Intelligent – Goats are the thoughtful singers of the Chinese zodiac. They are intelligent and they have their strong opinions but they are not crusaders or warriors, at least not in the direct sense of the word. They have a tangible vulnerability that makes them very attractive to other people.

Kind – Goats are usually so charming and kind that it’s impossible to hate them even when they do the most horrible things like breaking important promises or being late when they shouldn’t be. They are not famous for their persistence or ability to follow strict routine and they always search for security in those around them.

Artistic – All Goats are very artistic and it would be best if they pick an artistic job. What they truly need is a secure environment where they can be left to daydream all day long and to ponder over inspiring ideas. Goats are not down-to-earth leaders and warriors, they are tender and artistic souls.


Disorderly – Most Goats have a poor tolerance for order unless they are well-instructed from an early age. They find it almost impossible to follow strict schedules or routines although they need it most. On the other hand, they need to be told exactly what to do especially if you can offer them the love and security they crave for.

Displeased – When you really try to please Goats, is when they will feel most displeased. The trick with is not to try at all. Just be yourself and act natural. Goats have strong instincts and they can immediately tell. They fall for strong people and if you show them character they will most likely follow you.

Capricious – Goats are very capricious. It’s hard to impossible to make them finish what they’ve started. Especially if they don’t feel like it or if they have something better to do. The trick again is to give them orders and to push them in the right direction.

Dependent – Goats are too kind, too gentle, too artistic and too loving to be really strong. All of them are on the search for security in the face of another human being. Deep inside they know that lack stability and they look for it externally. They see the world more clearly through the eyes of other people.

Love life

Goats are delicate when it comes to love. The refined and organized Cat/Rabbit is the best choice for partner. Other suitable combinations are the witty Monkey, the competitive Horse or the lucky Pigs.


Goats are usually not born businessmen. But they can form successful partnerships with the clever Monkey, the lucky Pig, the mighty Dragon or the friendly Cat/Rabbit.

Future prospect

Goats are charming and loving creatures that attract others like magnits. No one else can create such magical atmosphere and no one else is more gifted in the sphere of art. However, Goats, you are insecure. Don’t go into open fights and try to escape conflicts whenever you can. When you’re unhappy or worried it’s best to speak up – not to shout or ruminate. Discuss what’s on your heart openly and with soft words. You will be heard and understood. Try to be stricter with yourself when it comes to fun and pleasures. This way you’ll earn confidence and self-respect.

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