Chinese zodiac

The Pig – Lucky and Pure

The Chinese zodiac ends with the Pig.

Pigs are born in:

4/02/1935 – 24/01/1936

22/01/1947 – 10/02/1948

8/02/1959 – 28/01/1960

27/01/1971 – 14/02/1972

13/02/1983 – 1/02/1984

31/01/1995 – 18/02/1996

18/02/2007 – 6/02/2008


Faithful – All Pigs are good and pure people destined to suffer a lot in their lives. They are loyal and faithful partners and friends and they always take care of those in need. They love their families deeply and you can always rely on them for help or support.

Conscientious – Pigs are thorough and conscientious in everything they do. They are extremely clean in their homes, habits and relationships. They have a hard time getting the same attitude from others in return and they usually have poor judgment of other people.

Intelligent – Pigs are very intelligent and they are usually lucky in business matters. They are not afraid of hard work and they pride on good reputation. They are also very gifted in the sphere of arts and they make good artists, dancers or writers.

Peace-loving – Pigs hate conflicts and personal confrontation. They try to escape it at all costs as they value peace and being liked by other people. They need strong and honest partner because they look for security in the other person.


Naïve – Pigs are very naïve. Especially women can spend all of their lives generously giving and taking care of others and in the end they accumulate a lot of sorrow and regret. They regret having failed to stand up for themselves and be more selfish. They need to learn to look hard reality in the eye and accept the harsh facts of life.

Insecure – All Pigs are very talented but deeply insecure and they need to find security in their partner. You should promise yourself to treat your partner Pig well, to comfort him/her and to tell no lies. You should also teach him/her to take good care of herself and to learn to deal with enemies effectively.

Epicure – Pigs enjoy the material side of life and can be self-indulgent. They enjoy eating good food, buying nice stuff and generally treating themselves. When they notice that they’re crossing the line they should ask themselves what they are compensating for.

Willful – Pigs can be willful and even stubborn and they won’t listen to sound advice. They are good friends and could be attentive listeners but they hate to accept the truth about themselves. They will go round and round in circles, sometimes it’s like they actually want to fail.

Love life

Pigs are kind but are not weak and can be pretty passionate lovers. They can be in successful relationships with the strong Dragons and the composed Cats/Rabbits.


Pigs are usually lucky in business and they have a talent for making money. They can be in successful business partnerships with Oxes, Dragons and Cats/Rabbits.

Future prospect

Pigs are intelligent and hard-working. Sometimes they take on too much and they are too good and generous to people who don’t deserve it. No one likes well-doers if you don’t have to give back. Dear Pigs, you deserve success so much. Sometimes talent and hard work are simply not enough, you need some help and good luck, too. Don’t run away from influential people interested in your favours but try to genuinely please them instead. Go ahead and take that leap of faith. You can do it!

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