Chinese zodiac

The Rabbit/Cat – Friendly and Refined

The Rabbit/Cat comes right after the Tiger. Rabbits/Cats are born in:

19/02/1939 – 8/02/1940

6/02/1951 – 27/01/1952

25/01/1963 – 13/02/1964

11/02/1975 – 30/01/1976

29/01/1987 – 16/02/1988

16/02/1999 – 4/02/2000

3/02/2011 – 22/01/2012



Discrete – Cats have a few but real friends that they deeply care about. You can share with them your secrets and your worries and you will get the best possible advice. That is because while Cats can truly sympathize with your passions, they can remain objective and rational and it this way serve you best. All your secrets will remain in the best possible hands and ears.

Refined – Cats do care about traditions and good taste. At times they might appear snobbish or conceited. They love spoiling themselves and they believe in climbing the social ladder. Cats know how to invest their time and money wisely and they approach money matters with composed professionalism. They want to ensure a good life when they are happily retired and they usually do.

Virtuous – Cats cannot be described as brave or daring but they possess a number of subtle virtues – they are refined, professional, traditional and excellent friends. They avoid the extremes and they go for the middle path which usually brings them success.

Traditional – Cats know and cherry traditions. They would always go for the traditional way to dress, to act or to achieve something. They sincerely respect the past. They are very balanced creatures and we all need more of that.


Old-fashioned – Cats are traditional but old-fashioned as well. Sometimes they find it hard to accept the new and progressive ideas and show resistance. They also tend to cling to the past which can deter their progress.

Pedantic – Cats are pedantic. They like things to be in order and enjoy the peace and quiet of their home. If their home is a mess, they find it impossible to work or concentrate. They hate big parties and prefer the refreshing company of a couple of close friends for dinner.

Secretive – Cats are very independent, they prefer to rely on themselves and they really commit to deep emotional relationships. They usually avoid conflicts and problems and try to stay out of trouble. They have their private sphere and they keep it to themselves.

Pretentious – Cats have high standards of their homes and close friends. They are picky but usually with a solid and trustworthy taste. They are good professionals and they do a fine job because they apply the same standards to their work.

Love life

Cats and Goats go together real well – artistic Goats grave security and Cats love to take care of their loved ones. Other possible combinations are with the Dog or with the Pig.


In business as in life Cats are highly adaptable. They can be in successful business partnership with the Tiger, the Dragon or the Horse.

Future prospects

We all admire Cats for their independence and the ability to take good care of themselves. They do have nine lives and are survivors. They have the inner strength to keep their privacy intact and they are among the best friends we could dream of. I know you despise conflicts and collisions but unfortunately the world outside is full of them. You should get used to living in society from an early age and step in a few conflicts just to see what it’s like. Taking risks is not your power and you tend to disappear when things get rough. However, despite all your fine qualities you risk living in the shadow of the more daring ones. Learn to enjoy and relax.

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