Chinese zodiac

The Rooster – Proud and Efficient

The Rooster follows the tricky Monkey.

Roosters are born in:

26/01/1933 – 14/02/1934

13/02/1945 – 2/02/1946

31/01/1957 – 16/02/1958

17/02/1969 – 5/02/1970

5/02/1981 – 24/01/1982

23/01/1993 – 9/02/1994

9/02/2005 – 28/01/2006

28/01/2017 – 15/02/2018


Vital – Roosters are famous for their enthusiasm for life and for everything new and exciting they come across. They possess childlike spirit, they love travelling and discovering new people and places. Rise and fall are very typical for them but they enjoy riding the roundabout nevertheless.

Brave – Roosters are brave and they always stand up for their opinions. They can be even sharp and tactless if they feel challenged or threatened. It’s very hard for them to keep their mouth shut even when they have to. But they always prefer speaking up and suffering the consequences than keeping their opinion to themselves.

Talented – Roosters have many talents. They are elegant, precise and dignified creatures who love to show themselves in the best light. They are graceful when receiving attention and applause. Most of them were born for the scene and they always make the best of their appearances.

Hard-working – Most Roosters have many and diverse interests which make them seem more superficial than they actually are. Roosters can be hard-working and they are at their best when working on their own. They hate hierarchy and formal rules and they are quick at breaking them.


Don Quijotes – Roosters are hard thinkers. They always devise some complex schemes that usually fail quite quickly. But Roosters have unlimited potential to recover from failure and to start from scratch – to the greatest surprise of their enemies and friends. However, they should learn to think deep before they act.

Sardonic – Roosters can be sardonic and quite aggressive with words. This is because they are deeply sensitive but they hate to put their emotions on display. They also possess hard opinions that they enjoy fighting for. Roosters should be careful because they are capable of killing with words.

Pedantic – Roosters care about details and they are usually great with them. But this can make them obsessively pedantic and they could miss the big picture. They should balance their tendency to overestimate details.

Spenders – Roosters are too important to make small calculations and they are usually lavish spenders. They have a soft spot for fine things and they are willing to spend some extra cash to have them. With all the attention they provoke they think it’s always worth it.

Love life

Roosters love their homes even if they seem keen travelers. They don’t go looking for romance but if they are in an unhappy relationship they can put the end and shake it off. They make good couples with the faithful Ox, the intellectual Snake and with mighty Dragon.


Roosters work best on their own and they make excellent teachers, freelancers or small business owners. They can work well with Dragons or Tigers.

Future prospect

Roosters are full of enthusiasm and have magnetic personalities that’s a pleasure to be around. They have a lot of friends and they are very popular among the people that know them well. Dear Roosters, try thinking twice before you speak your mind. Make that critical remark into a compliment, you can do it. Experiment with being kind and gentle from time to time, we really do need that. Learn to chill and relax. It’s kind of tiring to admire you in the spotlight all the time.

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