Chinese zodiac

The Snake – Wise and Refined

Right after the Dragon comes the sign of the mysterious and wise Snake.

Snakes are born in:

27/01/1941 – 15/02/1942

14/02/1953 – 3/02/1954

21/02/1965 – 21/01/1966

18/02/1977 -6/02/1978

6/02/1989 – 26/01/1990

24/01/2001 – 11/02/2002

10/02/2013 – 30/01/2014


Wise – All Snakes are extremely wise and sometimes can even seem clairvoyant. You can count on them for the best advice. They possess a sixth sense and it’s usually unmistakable. They are aware that in order to make it to the top in any given field you need to put in a lot of work, rest, careful planning and self-discipline. If they set their mind to it, they usually make it to the top.

Intellectual – Snakes are usually very intellectual creatures. They enjoy art and culture in their various forms and they love having deep and meaningful conversations on philosophical topics. Most Snakes have a soft spot for beauty and take up art if not as a profession then at least as a hobby.

Attractive – Snakes are extremely elegant and attractive. They are among the most irresistible creatures on earth. Women Snakes usually are successful because of their beauty. Snakes love money and luxury and hate unnecessary work. They are usually successful in business.

Compassionate – Snakes love to take care of the poor and those in need. If you need some emotional stability or good advice, you can always count on your friend Snake. However, to a large extent their compassion steps from their desire to play Gods and save people. They usually develop a mutual dependency with the people they generously take care of. Sometimes their help takes away the ability of others to make it on their own.


Stingy – Snakes can give you compassion and advice, even presents from time to time, but not money. They are usually successful and well-off but they hate to share what’s theirs. If they lack money they become irritable and grumpy. Snakes like helping others but you wouldn’t call them generous.

Vindictive – All Snakes are very vindictive and they hate being taken for fools. They are jealous and they don’t forgive infidelity. You will have what you served them right back when it hurts the most.

Self-critical – Snakes are critical to others but they don’t fail to notice their own mistakes and they can be merciless when it comes to self-criticism. On one hand, this habit makes them better and attentive to details. On the other – they tend to cross the line and beat themselves up for unimportant things.

Phlegmatic – Snakes take their time. They think fast but they act slow and they hate being pushed. They have their own pace of doing things and their routine is holy ground. Don’t rush them because they can get explosive and mean.

Love life

Snakes are possessive but are not very loyal in love. They are compatible with the Ox, the Rooster and the Dragon.


Snakes work best individually. They are at their most in professions that require patient mental work. They are masters of details.

They form good business partnerships with Horses, Dragons, Rats and Cats/Rabbits.

Future prospect

Snakes are extremely wise and individualistic and full of talents. But they are usually looking for the craved stability in the wrong place – in their love or business partner. While they should be busy building it on their own. Nothing can substitute the satisfaction coming from personal achievement. And you can have it all for yourself if you put your mind and work on it. Don’t give up. Stop procrastinating. You can always start from scratch.

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