Chinese zodiac

The Tiger – Charm and Power

The Tiger was the third to show up and he earned the third place. Tigers are born in:

31/01/1938 – 19/02/1939

17/02/1950 – 6/02/1951

5/02/1962 – 25/01/1963

23/01/1974 – 10/02/1975

9/02/1986 – 28/01/1987

28/01/1998 – 15/02/1999

14/02/2010 – 2/02/2011


Extremely generous – Tigers are passionate and wild but if you manage to tame them and earn their trust they can be extremely generous and giving. If you honor their glamorous personality, you are likely to get their full attention and warm and delicate caress. Just like real tigers Tigers can be both tremendous and scary and calm and cuddling.

Confident – All Tigers have this amazing air of confidence around them – no matter if they are experts in the field or if they have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. Tigers are people of decisive actions and not of careful scrutiny, that’s why it’s best for them to get advice form more inwardly-looking people.

Patronizing – Tigers possess a lot of power and since they are generous by nature they love sharing with the weaker and the less lucky. They are willing to support people, ideas and projects they believe in in return for appreciation and respect. They are always happy to mentor younger colleagues and pass on expertise and experience.

Lucky – Tigers are brave, sometimes even reckless, but as in a miracle they always manage to come clean of all sorts of difficult situations. They don’t have much control over their Destiny but to balance that they are extremely lucky. Tigers are doomed for success, usually no matter what they do.


Uncompromizing – Tigers are great leaders and chiefs and they have a difficulty tolerating any kind of hierarchy unless they are on the very top. They have high standards and they are very demanding managers. They are prone to pushing situations out of balance and control and they can be pretty uncompromizing.

Vain – Tigers are vain and they care a lot about their appearances. They love grooming and they invest considerable amount of time and money in their good looks. Tigers love to be at the centre of attention, they usually are and they want to look their best. Facades can be eluding – both theirs and those of others.

Disobedient – Tigers make great managers but they have a hard time being employees, especially with slim chances to advance. They have strong personalities and egos and it’s difficult for them to follow orders or to keep their mouth shut. This usually causes a lot of problems.

Stubborn – Tigers can be surprisingly stubborn when they decide to. It’s almost impossible to make them do something that they don’t want to do, to change an idea or belief. They have their own way of seeing and doing things and it’s not going to change because someone says so. It’s best giving up.

Love life

Tigers have no interest or tolerance for the weak or the foolish. They hate wasting their time. They can make successful partnerships with lucky Horses, powerful Dragons and wise Dogs.


Tigers are great managers and entrepreneurs. In their work they need to feel in charge. They can have successful business partnership with the Dragon, the Horse and the Pig.

Future prospects

Tigers are magnetic, emotional and strong. Stronger than most of us. They have a natural confidence and they look very confident even if they are actually not. Tigers should use that gift to their rescue even in the gravest situations. Deep inside you are kind and well-meaning. Don’t play with other people’s feelings because what goes around comes around. You are best on your own. Go ahead.

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