About Me

My name is Nevena (or Calendula – like the flower) and just like it I’m positive, resilient and (hopefully!) with a long-term beneficial impact. I’m of a rare kind (INFJ) destined to help others and work for their advancement. I’m an explorer and pioneer at heart, a keen observer of human character.

My interests in numerology and astrology date back since early childhood and I tend to trust in child intuition and I don’t believe in coincidences.

I love numerology for its accuracy, for the big picture of your life that it provides and for the important and interesting details. In a magical way everything comes together, some big questions find their answers while new ones emerge. It’s a thrilling step in the lifelong process of self-discovery!

I believe that each man should invest time and effort to know herself better – in order to make better and wiser decisions whenever possible.

Life is just a game. It’s all about us being aware of our role in it and playing it as best as we can.


Trainings & Qualifications

2006 – Master degree in International Relations, Sofia University, Bulgaria

2012 – Master degree in International & European Public Law, Tilburg University, the Netherlands

2015 – Postgraduate qualification for English language teacher, Plovdiv University, Bulgaria

2016 – Unique coach training programme, Intunity Coaches, Bulgaria

2017 – Empathy training programme, Communication Academy, Bulgaria

2017 – Author & Editor – medita.bg

2018 – Psychobiology training, level 2 & 3, Marie-Ginette Rheault

since 2018 – Individual training in astrology and numerology