Chinese zodiac

The Monkey – Witty and Fun

The clever Monkey comes right after the artistic Goat.

Monkeys are born in:

6/02/1932 – 26/01/1933

25/01/1944 – 13/02/1945

12/02/1956 – 31/01/1957

29/01/1968 – 16/02/1969

16/02/1980 – 4/02/1981

4/02/1992 – 22/01/1993

22/01/2004 – 8/02/2005

8/02/2016 – 27/01/2017


Very intelligent – Monkeys are extremely intelligent, witty and fun. They love dealing with difficult situations – project or people-centred and to do a great job. They are quick to notice the heart of the issue at hand and to target it with decisiveness. However, in all of their affairs Monkeys are always lead by their personal interests.

Witty – Monkeys’ remarks are usually both sarcastic and fun. That is why they are rarely hurtful. The Monkey’s aim is not to hurt you, it’s rather to play you a trick it. They love all things useful and their sense of humour and chatty nature usually serve them well.

Successful – Monkeys love and aim for success. They enjoy working on ambitious and tremendous projects. They know what they can and what they cannot do and they are not stubborn. They are hard-working and love to be busy. For Monkeys it’s important to see progress.

Youthful – Monkeys stay young both in face and at heart. They love playing and amusing people, sometimes they’ll trick you just for the sheer fun of it. They invented pranks in the first place.


Vain – Monkeys are very vain and often the external matters for them more than what lies within. They care about their appearances and they are usually well-groomed. Monkeys value society and the opinion of others and they care about their place in social ranks.

Chatty – Monkeys are chatty and they have the gift of speaking a lot and saying nothing. And also to get what they want with their words. Depending on the other person preferences it could be either charming or annoying.

Disloyal – Monkeys are not among the most loyal of people. They love to have a good time, to chat for a while and play some trick, but don’t count on them if you need some serious help – they have their own things to tend to. Whatever they do – good or bad, Monkeys are always after their personal gains.

Slippery – Monkeys are slippery and it’s hard to get them to commit. Most of them and especially men never marry. Why bother when you can get so much fun with so many girls around? All Monkeys never really grow up.

Love life

Monkeys love having fun. They can form great partnerships with the powerful Dragon, the independent Rat or the charming Tiger.


Monkeys are manipulator and they need to be challenged and provoked. They will work best with the Tiger, the Dragon or the Pig.

Future prospect

Monkeys are intelligent and fun but they don’t always believe it. They need us to constantly assure them how valuable and great they actually are. Monkeys, just go for what you really want! You are volatile and adaptable and can quickly deal with problems and issues as they occur. Defend your freedom at all costs. Try not to plan for the distant future – it’s not one of your powers. Leave the long-term plans for the visionaries around.

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