Chinese zodiac

The Dragon – when Ability meets Power

The sign of the Dragon comes after the Cat/Rabbit.

Dragons are born on:

8/02/1940 – 27/01/1941

27/01/1952 – 14/02/1953

13/02/1964 – 2/02/1965

31/01/1976 – 17/02/1977

17/02/1988 – 5/02/1989

5/02/2000 – 23/01/2001

23/01/2012 – 9/02/2013


Sentimental – All Dragons are very sentimental and they are extremely loyal to their families. Even if their parents or children aren’t very deserving of their cares and trust. Dragons are usually very magnetic and have a number of admirers circling around. It’s one of the reasons why it’s hard for them to stay monogamous.

Powerful – Dragons are powerful and authoritative creatures. They love giving and hate obeying orders. They usually have an air of superiority around them that is almost tangible. They are selfish and strong-willed and always land on their feet. Dragons make great friends but merciless enemies. As enemies they tend to never forget or forgive.

Influential – All Dragons are blessed with four blessings – prosperity, virtue, harmony and longevity. They were created superior than most of us and they know it. Dragons know how to take excellent care of themselves. All this makes them extremely influential and desirable partners. Although long contact with them can be exhausting.

Perceptive – Dragons are very intelligent and perceptive. They are insightful, they think fast and their judgments are usually correct. They can rely on their instincts for sure. But on the other hand most Dragons lack depth and detailed analysis. They are more on the action than on the thinking or being side.


Stubborn – Dragons can be really stubborn when they set their mind on doing something and at that point they won’t listen to good reason. Sometimes they tend to rely on their instincts too much and they act before they think things through. When they happen to fail, they have to power stand up and move on. Unfortunately, some of them have the tendency to repeat the same pattern all over again.

Willful – As Dragons feel superior to others, they usually live with the false notion that they will always be forgiven – no matter what they do or what they say. Dragons don’t like to say “thank you” and “I’m sorry”. They usually surround themselves with faithful servants that they call friends that they can boss around.

Demanding – Dragons expect from others to be and do their best and are pretty demanding. For some people communication with them can be very exhausting because they are always on the move, meeting people and working on the next project. They can be demanding to themselves as well, but they usually ask more of others.

Irritable – Dragons can be very irritable especially if you try to command them or give them orders. They will always react on the spot. They are bad enemies both powerful and vindictive. It’s best not to challenge them but in case you do prepare for revenge.

Love life

Dragons are very attractive individuals. They can form great couples with the tricky Monkeys, the charming Rats or with the proud Roosters.


In business Dragons should be looking for powerful partners like themselves. They can count on the Tigers and Monkeys to work with the same energy. Other appropriate partners are the Goat or the Pig.

Future prospects

You do believe that you are superior to others but you’re actually not. You are certainly better in some respects though. You should practice humility from time to time. Learn and practice saying “Thank you” and “I’m sorry”. No one owes you anything in life, you know. Do the favours that you’re asked for whenever you can. Take great care of your warm and sentimental heart and trust it for the big decisions in your life.

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