Chinese zodiac

The Horse – Selfish and Competing

After the Snake comes the Horse.

Horses are born in:

30/01/1930 – 17/02/1931

15/02/1942 – 5/02/1943

3/02/1954 – 24/01/1955

21/01/1966 – 9/02/1967 * Fire Horse

7/02/1978 – 27/01/1979

27/01/1990 – 14/02/1991

12/02/2002 – 31/01/2003

31/01/2014 – 9/02/2015


Eloquent – All Horses are pretty talented and they represent hard work, independence, achievement and success. They love having a busy social life and they are very well-spoken. They are not extravagant in words or appearances but they invariably arouse trust and respect.

Cool-headed – Horses are cool-headed and this is especially valuable in tense or risky situations. They have a solid and objective judgment based on good reason. They are not deeply emotional and they don’t count on emotions when making decisions.

Witty – Horses have quick minds and they are witty and resourceful. They enjoy having a fun talk and playing games. But above all – they love competitions and winning them. For Horses life is a race they must win.

Independent – Horses are independent creatures and they do best when they are left on their own or when they give orders. They know how to build success and they are eager to show how it’s done. Horses are excellent cooks and the perfect hosts.


Selfish – Horses are so busy doing things, being on the move and winning the life competitions they care about that they rarely have the time to listen to others or to take care of their needs. This can make them pretty selfish. Horses are aware that they cannot take everybody on board in their winner’s cruise and they save their time and effort for themselves or for their families at most.

Ruthless – With Horses it’s win or die – no middle route possible. And they are so deeply obsessed about winning and being first that they can become ruthless. Horses should avoid all indecent means of making profit or they risk getting in serious trouble.

Vain – Horses are very vain and they care about their appearances and about making a good impression. Their style is usually elegant and classic, they don’t have extravagant taste. They want to be appropriately dressed at all times.

Insensitive – Horse’s obsession with themselves and with winning the race at all cost can make them insensitive. They should learn to be wary of the emotions of others and with their own. This is especially valid in their love and family life. Love cannot be planned or meticulously calculated or build. Love just happens. And that’s part of its magic.

Love life

Horses are passionate lovers with a strong possessive feeling. In love they are insecure and can go to extremes. They are compatible with Goats, Tigers and Dogs.


Horses usually are good businessmen with reliable instincts. They can form successful business partnerships with Tigers, Snakes and Oxes.

Future prospect

Horses are more talented than the rest of us and they are usually more aware of it than they should. This makes them selfish and overambitious. However, deep inside you lack real confidence and you easily panic in times of crises. Your emotional outbursts can easily hurt both yourself and others. Beware of indecent affairs and deals. You are here to work hard and be victorious because of your efforts. Go for it!

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